Truency is a multidisciplinary intellectual gathering presented and powered by six.well and art.pillar. Founded, co-hosted and moderated by MecSaiel Solehman.

The intent of this salon is to create a platform where we get to learn, contemplate powerful questions and share new ideas. Truency is a space that facilitates free thought and transparency. It is a free thinking anchor to help ground and unfold thoughts in ways that influences a new perspective. The motivation to create such a space centers on strengthening the part as it relates to the whole. We want to expand and diversify an individual's data base in order to strengthen the effectiveness of our collective ability to problem solve. To have attendees walk away with tools that bolster their internal foundation is our objective.  

Topics range from things like financial literacy, creativity, communication, awareness, ego and effort. Some gatherings are planned and organized, accompanied by presentations and handouts. Some gatherings are open conversations meant to inspire, influence and create a memorable experience. sometimes we'll discuss many different. sometimes we'll have artist talks. --but always in an intimate, open and relaxed environment. 

It is our hope that as we collectively expand ourselves, we’ll loosen our grip on our individual identities that separate us, and start understanding the individual identities that make us one in the same. and we'll learn some interesting things along the way. 


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Social media: @six.well @thoughtpuppet @art.pllar

“aut delectare aut prodesse est”